Maths. Quiz. Trivia tests

Install the application “Maths. Quiz. Trivia tests” – this is an entertaining game where you need to answer questions, guess the right answers, gain new knowledge and learn interesting facts!

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Maths. Quiz. Trivia tests:

✔ A free, smart app to test your knowledge of Maths!
✔ More than 1000 questions!
✔ Simple and intelligible interface!
✔ Questions include Maths topics!
✔ Ability to choose the topic you are interested in!
✔ A great way to relax and exercise your memory!

You can study Maths or prepare for the exam and assess your level of
knowledge of Maths.

How to play:

– Press the “START” button and select a Maths category you are interested in!
– Each topic has its own levels. Levels open when you pass and score points!
– Get points and coins for every correctly answered question!
– Points give you the opportunity to go to the next level!
– Coins give you the opportunity to use the tips when passing the quiz!

At the bottom of each question there are 4 tips that can increase your chances of a correct answer.

✔ “50:50” – use this hint if you want to exclude 2 incorrect answers to the question.
✔ “Skip question” – activate this hint to get through without minus points.
✔ “Audience survey” – use the audience to check, other users choose the answer option.
✔ “Reset Timer” – resets the time if you need to think more!

In this quiz you will find questions from the following categories:
* General knowledge
* Addition
* Subtraction
* Multiplication
* Division
* Negative numbers
* Find the unknown
* Missing Operations
* Solving Problems

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“Maths. Quiz. Trivia tests” – a quiz for those who want to study Maths.
Have fun and you will have the opportunity to improve your general knowledge and memory!

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